How to protect from the Wanna Cry Virus

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  • 2017-07-20

How to protect from the Wanna Cry Virus

How to protect from the Wanna Cry Virus

Ransom attacks have continued to increase across the world. Wanna Cry Virus is the most recent ransom attack that is taking computers around the world hostage. While the hackers hit government, businesses, and hospitals, the cyber crime can cause more serious troubles to the victims. Those who were hacked and not hacked need to take a step and protect against the Wanna Cry Virus or any other hacking that could harm the computers. Here is our informative article on how to protect from Wanna Cry Virus.

Make multiple backups

What will you do if you saw a message on your computer that your files have been encrypted? Hopefully, if this happens, you will have limited options to have your files back. One of the options you can have is recovering the backups. Though backups are an option, they can miss vital information and may be outdated. We recommended that you always try to make multiple backups to physical disk drives and cloud services at regular intervals. Also, backing your files to a drive that stays completely disconnected from your network can help in case your computer is hacked.

Use updated antivirus software

Antivirus software protects your computer against the common viruses. Make sure that any anti-virus software that you use is up to date and you run regular scans. Microsoft offers its users free antivirus software. You are safe if you run Windows Defender by Microsoft.

Do not click on links from unknown sources

Attackers often use emails to send the virus. They send you attachments with links to sites that can be used to steal your information. You are safe if you abstain from clicking on links from unknown sources. Click only links that you are sure they are safe or are expecting them. The links may sometimes appear as if coming from your bank. Instead, type the URL directly, so you are sure you are accessing the right website. Also, before you click on any link scrutinize its reliability; does the link match the site you are likely to visit? If not, then you avoid visiting the website.

Install updates regularly

Wanna Cry Software might of have been successful because many factors and one of them is the failure to install updates automatically. Your computer software needs to be regularly updated. This can help for the software to work efficiently. Additionally, updating software contributes to avoiding possible vulnerability. Ensure to also turn on auto updates for any programs on your computer.



It is necessary to know that Wanna Cry Virus affects only those running older Windows operating systems. In the case you are hacked, disconnect your computer as a way to avoid further loss of more files. Moreover, always make sure you use strong passwords and change them regularly. Businesses should ensure their employees know how to protect from Wanna Cry Virus.